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How great would it feel to dress your pupper in the latest styles while supporting sustainable practises? Well, you can! Our “Upcycled” collection is made from upcycled clothing and other household items. We’re using fabric that’s already had a life and creating a new one for it! All fabric we upcycle is 100% usable and clean. If it’s not fit for us to touch or work with then there’s no way we’d offer it to your doggos.

Upcycling old fabric as supposed to getting a fresh, new line of fabric made is a far more sustainable practise. The annual global textile production is estimated at 60 billion kilograms per year, using 1074 billion kWh of electricity and 6-9 trillion litres of water. We have SO much fabric in the world - why shouldn’t we reuse what we already have?

Extra Small: 11 inches across x 6 inches down 

Small: 12 inches across x 9 inches down 

Medium: 15 inches across x 10 inches down 

Large: 17 inches across x 11 inches down

Extra Large: 19 inches across x 13 inches down 

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